USA Hockey Mobile Coach App Reviews

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Drills won’t load for me.

Maybe because I have an iPhone 6?

Great new features

Love the goaltender activity tracker and practice plan analyzer. Really cool and super helpful

Bad update

Just updated and now the app doesn’t work!! deleted it, reinstalled and still nothing, app crashes while trying to load. Do not update!!!

App crashes when logging in

Never fixed a problem the previous version had. Cannot use the new features without logging in and every log in attempt causes the app to crash. Great ideas but it just doesn’t work.

4.0 doesn’t work

Can’t get the app to even open! Please fix.

Great tool, bad update

Love the ADM drill suggestions on old app, but cannot log in now. App crashes every time I attempt to log in.

App crashes and no support

I try to login and after doing so the app crashes. When I do password reset to eliminate that possibility, the link in the email is broken and does not open. Then when you try to click support on the app page in the App Store, it brings you to SportEngine’s homepage.

Useful for a novice

My son is new to hockey and I’m equally as new and this app has been helpful.

Get the book. Horrible mom's basement app.

Most drills and skills don't show up on the screen....ever. Fire this tech firm USA Hockey

Doesn't work

App never worked for me. iPhone 7. Most recent update. Nothing. Won't work at all. Tried to uninstall and reinstall still nothing. Thanks for a big waste of time 👍🏻


I Whiteboard feature doesn't work. Some of the coaching related content is really good, and I admittedly don't use the practice plans.

Practice plans won't load consistently

When browsing for plans, I seem to get random ability to render the graphic showing the plan itself. Of course it always happens when I'm on the ice preparing for a drill. When it works it's great but highly unreliable in my experience.

Good idea poor app

The white board is the best part yet it is very inconsistent and poor performing. I can save but when I come back and open app closes. App support was contacted 2 times yet not a single reply. My asst coaches cannot open my practice plan they get error code. Waiting for a fix and now time to move on!


App always gives error trying to login on iPad. I can login on phone but not iPad. Please fix

Don't work

Won't save white boards App closes when viewing whiteboard Can't use Great idea just too many bugs at this time

Major issues with login credentials

Went and reset my password. It says my password was reset, but when I went to login it still doesn't work.

Can't Login

This app is OK! Would be better if it would let me log in under my username instead of a guest. Please update!!!

Limited and disappointed

You are not able to log in, I have redownloaded the app multiple times and it still won't let me log in. You can still access a little bit of info as a guest but it just not enough of what you need to be a coach.


Please help I can't log in to my account

Just not that good

What could be a great resource just doesn't work well. The problems start at the initial login screen where it asks you to login, but doesn't allow you to create a username, so you can only login as a guest. The whiteboard feature has the most potential, but is totally useless. There are practice plans loaded, which work well.


It's a good app, however half of the things you would want to learn to do, you need to pay for. Like I play as goalie when I play hockey with my friends and I have been struggling so I wanted to see if the app could show me something's I could do in order to be better. However all it showed were hockey goalies doing drills. I want it to tell you what to do like show you skills like how they did it for the offensive players . And for the offensive players u need to pay to see most of the videos, my suggestion don't make us pay. Make us pay for the dry land ones but don't make us pay for the ice ones because you are then basically not doing what you want your app to do. We need to learn skills let us see the videos.

Great app!

This is a great app. I use it before and during practices.

Total waste of time

Leave it to USA hockey to try and rip off its coaches. We voluteer our time and $ and you repay us with "in app purchase bait and switch" BS!! $4.99 for a video on teaching shooting techniques! When I pay $50 to USA hockey for every mens league, This is where my $ goes.

USA hockey coaches app

Good start. Improvements would be ability to download purchased videos so you don't need wifi, ability to view stuff full screen and better indexing and navigation in large documents. The indexing of the dry land videos also gets out of wack. Still useful though.


Balls charging for drills after we pay fees for mandatory modules and coaching clinics. You want us to be better coaches, GIVE us the tools.

Mobile coach does not open

When I first downloaded the app it worked. Then I purchased the video package and updated it and the app stopped working. I deleted it and reinstalled it several times the last being today and it still does not work. I also contacted USA hockey on this and NO RESPONSE. It sounds terrific but does not work.

Wildly helpful!

I love the program...great info!

Mobile Hockey

App worked great until upgrade now it won't open. Emailed app support and called usa hockey with no response. We have uninstalled and reinstalled app with no change.

Mobile coach

Nice app. A lot of content.

Mobile coach

Great app for coaching! I use it before every practice to plan for each practice.

Great app

Great app for coaches of any experience level to help organize practice or help players with drills during open ice time A+

Great app

Great app! The extra $10 for all the videos is well worth it. I Use it with an iPad. iPhone screen is too small for my 46 year old eyes.

Mites, squirts, pee wee coach

This is a great app and if your using the USA Hockey practice line up it makes it real easy to inform your assistant coaches of what the next practice is going to look like. I would like to see more drills listed individually under skating, puck handling, etc

Useless App

App is useless, doesnt even open on device, tested on more than one device! It still gets updated but still doesnt work!!

Great app

I like haveing all the practice plans at my finger tips. The Dryland ideas are great as well

Can't Log on

I downloaded the app, created an account on the website, but when i try to log in i receive the message "bad username; login failed." The support link on the website is broken 404 error.

Helpful App....

Been using this for a week....very helpful. Would even more useful if it could be used to build your own practice plan from a library of warm ups, drills and games.....maybe it can do this and I just have not figured it out yet.

Good job

Very useful. Makes coordination with other coaches much easier and reduces down time on the ice. My version defaults to 10U goalie every time even when another plan was more recently open - that needs to be fixed.

Good app

Very usefull

Constantly crashes...

Haven't been able to use the app once since it crashes each time I launch the app. Tried shutting down the device and then relaunching and I have tried reinstalling the app, but neither have worked.


It sort of works but still has some major bugs in iOS 7 on iPhone 5.

Great for coordination

With 4 mite teams on the ice at the same time, being able to share practice plans and coordinate with all our coaches has helped eliminate down time on the ice. Some practice plans are missing, but easily found on the website.

Decent Effort

Decent effort by USA Hockey. Could be better. 1. For the PeeWee/ 12U level it's missing practice plans #1 & 2 2. Video clips are good.

Great tool

This is a great tool to write your own skill practice and be able to show your team in full play. It's a changing world and ice time is expensive. Some players need more thanks to USA hockey I have started putting the drills in action on video and getting great results.

Good app

Very good app. This version seems to have corrected the bugs in earlier versions that resulted in frequent crashes.

Good Direction but more to do ...

This app is evolving positively but there's still opportunities. Whiteboard is a good start but the animation is limited and why can't it be shared. It also should be easier customize and share practice plans. Official Rules of Hockey are out of date. Please make me stop paying for FlexxCoach!

Poorly written app

Many ADM practice plans are missing at several levels. Once you sign on as a guest, no option to sign in with login. No option to send plans by email or other means. Support link is broken. Typical junk from USA hockey, there own website is full of broken links and outdated and incomplete information.

Great App!

Very useful on the go.

Good coaching tool!

This app is another valuable resource available to coaches.

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